What services do you offer?

We offer full excavation services, arena design, arena construction, premium footing, laser grading, athletic fields, etc. Please contact us for more details.

What is laser grading?

Laser Grading is the process of creating near perfect slopes.  EastWest uses the Level Best grading system.

How it works:

A rotating laser is set for a desired grade. The rotating beam of laser light is read by the laser receiver which is mounted on the mast pole. The beam's location is sent to the control panel which interprets where the beam of light is, in relation to grade. The control panel then tells the hydraulic valve to adjust the grading box up, or down, to keep the receiver on grade. This same sequence happens many times a second. The end result is grading accuracy withing 1/10th of an inch!

We have more than 6 units laser equipped including dozers, tractors/blades and excavators varying in capabilities which allow us to work efficiently in tight areas as well as wide-open fields. More importantly, our certified operators have years of training and experience which allows them to pull a grading plan together to meet the tightest tolerance specifications usually found in professional equestrian arena designs and construction specifications

Why is sand important?

Please contact us for details

Will I have to maintain my arena?

Please contact us for details

What size arenas do you build?

We'll build arenas of any size! We'll customize everything; size, footing, drainge system, etc. for your arena. Not sure what size arena you need?  Click here.