IGK Equestrian

IGK Equestrian is the manufacturer of the premium dust-free arena footings: TruStride™, LiteStride™, and Equi-Blend™. These dust-free horse arena footings offer the ultimate level of traction, stability, and performance for diverse riding disciplines while also eliminating watering and significantly reducing maintenance. Spend less time maintaining your footing, and more time training in your indoor or outdoor arena. 


 LiteStride™ installed by East-West Arena Construction (Official IGK Equestrian Dealer)


TruStride™ Dust-Free Arena Footing


TruStride dust-free footing is specifically designed using a mixture of pure silica sand, a select combination of synthetic fibers, shoe sole rubber granules, and a specialized wax produces a stable yet supportive footing for horse and rider. Never water your arena and spend less time maintaining your footing! This footing is best for commercial facilities, grand-prix style jumping, and thouroughbred training tracks. 

LiteStride™ Dust-Free Arena Footing


Litestride™ is a dust-free horse arena footing that uses a micture of pure silica sand, a select blend of synthetic fibers and a specialized wax coating. The components of this footing creates a stable, dust-free surface perfect for lesson barns, jumping, dressage, and ground work. 


Equi-Blend™ Dust-Free Arena Footing


Equi-Blend™ is the newest, most economical dust-free footing manufactured by IGK Equestrian. Designed specifically for private barns, it contains pure silica sand, a choice blend of synthetic fibers and a specialized wax coating. This footing is a great choise for private barns practicing light jumping, dressage, and groundwork.


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