GGT Stall-EZ

What is GGT Stall-EZ? It's a brand new seamless mat made by the makers of GGT Footing. This mat was developed specifically for use in horse stalls to greatly improve drainage. Made of permeable non-woven polyproplene material, this mat is durable but also very light-weight. Most rubber mats allow urine to puddle on the surface, causing the bedding to need to be replaced often. GGT Stall-EZ mats allow the urine to pass through the patt while still providing effective padding and stability for the horse. 

Benefits of GGT Stall-EZ

- Reduces bedding requirements
- Saves time on stall cleaning and maintenance 
- Saves money on bedding and labor

- Lighter weight and more durable than rubber mats
- Seamless, no interlocking mats
- Material has proven durability with 15+ years of use
- Ensures safety of horses and trainers by reducing slickness in stall

GGT Stall-EZ

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By default, GGT Stall-EZ mats come 13 feet wide but varies by stall size. Please see below for recommended sizing based on your stall.  The sizing below allow for 6 inches to be folded up on each side of the stall wall. 

12 x 12 Stall order 13 feet

12 x 14 Stall order 15 feet

12 x 16 Stall order 17 feet

12 x 18 Stall order 19 feet

12 x 20 Stall order 21 feet

12 x 24 Stall order 25 feet

We can also cut custom sizes


GGT Footing

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GGT Stall-EZ vs Traditional Rubber Mats

Traditional rubber mats allow urine to puddle on the surface.  When this happens it is absorbed by the stall bedding. This bedding must then be replaced, which is very costly over time.  Stall-EZ prevents the urine from puddling on the surface, it will easily flow through so your bedding does not absorb it. As a result, much less bedding is removed when the stall is cleaned.

Although Stall-EZ mats are extremely durable, they are actually much lighter than traditional rubber mats.  Stall-EZ weighs in at about 40 pounds for a one-piece 12’ x12’ stall unit. For the same size stall, six rubber mats are needed, each weighting about 90 pounds. When those 540 pounds is placed on an earthen surface, it will shift and at some point require adjusting.

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