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5 Reasons GGT Footing Is Superior to Traditional Footing

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Jan 14, 2015 12:00:00 PM

Five reasons GGT Footing is superior to traditional riding surfaces can be summed up in just 2 words—safety and health.

Imagine the risk reduction of having a stable, consistently even, moisture perfect riding surface for your next equestrian event. It does make a difference to both horse and rider when the surface underneath them is consistently trustworthy, no matter what the weather has recently been. 

Here are just 5 of the reasons GGT Footing is superior to a traditional sand base for whatever type of equestrian event you might be planning: 

  • GGT Footing is cheaper. The long-term costs of placing a simple sand or hard pack dirt surface in your indoor or outdoor arena may at first seem like a simple decision. Cost is everything, right? Wrong—no well thought out business plan looks at just the initial outlay of any project, but the overall 5-10 year plan of building and maintaining as well as liabilities inherent to the business. 
  • GGT Footing is safer. Every horseman knows that injuries in expensive animals are just to be expected, right? Wrong—some things are not inevitable and injuries caused by a riding surface that is: too hard, too soft or just too unpredictable are preventable, both to horse and rider. 
  • GGT Footing is adaptable. It makes no difference what type of base you currently have, our experts will choose the correct textile or fiber amendment to make your riding surface a dream come true for your horses and riders.
  • GGT Footing is the perfect moisture retention solution to your concrete-hard riding surface. Imagine no more jarred spines for you or your horse.
  • GGT Footing greatly reduces surface and air-borne dust particles, which is an important safety concern, especially in indoor arenas in dry climates.


Since we know that reputable horsemen always put the safety and health of their animals, not to mention themselves and their charges first, it only makes sense to factor in great GGT Footing as part of your initial or refurbishing plans today. There will never be a better investment in time or money for your facility than German Geo Textile (GGT) Footing

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