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Make Your Indoor Riding Arena Spectator Friendly

Posted by East-West Arena Construction on Jun 16, 2015 1:28:00 PM

Few equestrian events are truly spectator sports. There are no stadiums devoted to fans. More often than not, fans bring their own seats. This creates a picnic-like atmosphere for equine enthusiasts during the summer. The winter months are different story. Support the people who support you and your riders by adding comfortable seating arrangements to your indoor riding arena.

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Qualities To Look For In Indoor Horse Arena Footing

Posted by East-West Arena Construction on May 27, 2015 2:32:00 PM

An indoor horse arena has a lot of needs to meet. Is the arena large enough for a variety of events, or is it sized specifically for smaller shows? Is there adequate seating for spectators, and will there be enough space for horses and trainers on the premises? Will it be used year round, or simply during seasonal events?

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4 Reasons Indoor Riding Arenas are Ideal for Training Purposes

Posted by East-West Arena Construction on Mar 6, 2015 12:26:06 PM

An indoor riding arena has probably been on every horse owner's wish list at some time (especially this winter!), but trainers might benefit from them most of all, for four reasons:  

  • An indoor arena provides a "controlled environment" for lessons;
  • An indoor arena completely eliminates outside distractions;
  • An indoor arena provides superior footing, thereby decreasing the risk of horse and rider injuries;
  • Indoor arenas modification allows pupils to gain more even benefit from their lessons.

When dealing with horses, the benefits of a controlled environment cannot be overstated. Having an area where weather (whether rainy, cold or overly hot) will not interfere with riding is of immense benefit, especially for trainers, who may work with multiple pupils each day.

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