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Make Your Indoor Riding Arena Spectator Friendly

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Jun 16, 2015 1:28:00 PM

Few equestrian events are truly spectator sports. There are no stadiums devoted to fans. More often than not, fans bring their own seats. This creates a picnic-like atmosphere for equine enthusiasts during the summer. The winter months are different story. Support the people who support you and your riders by adding comfortable seating arrangements to your indoor riding arena.

Comfortable Seating

Bleachers are fine in the summer, when the weather is nice and a cool bench appreciated. Those same metal and wood bleachers suck the heat right out of your spectators during the winter. As you design your indoor arena, consider devoting some space for the onlookers.

Don't worry too much about making this space fancy. If your stable is on a tight budget, invest in some plastic chairs and rope off a few feet at either end. Plastic chairs are better than bleachers, and are easily stacked out-of-the-way when the event is over.

For stable owners willing to invest a little more into their arena, consider building a tiered observation booth. This gives spectators a better view of events. Tiered observation platforms and booths make it easier to put install permanent seating options. Consider making these options attractive to the devoted friends, family, and enthusiasts who come out to watch.

Indoor Arena

Heated Observation Booths

Every supporter of an equestrian dreads the winter time, when the indoor riding arena becomes an ice box. Some indoor arenas manage to feel colder inside than outside. Even the most devoted fan will think twice about attending an event that does not include a heated observation booth.

Heated observation areas are a great way to say thank you to the people who support you and your riders. Some booths are elaborate and professionally heated, complete with heated restrooms. Others are merely an enclosed area with a space heater in the corner. Most budgets can accommodate one of these options. 

Equestrian fans do not require temperatures of seventy degrees to feel appreciated. Merely keeping the temperature above forty will please most, especially if they can huddle around the space heater for added warmth.

Giving Back To Your Supporters

Stable owners go to great lengths to give their riders the advantage. From professional arena footing to state of the art instruction, equestrians stop at nothing to achieve their goals. The question many stable owners forget to ask themselves is, "where would these dedicated riders be without the people who support them?" 

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