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4 Reasons Indoor Riding Arenas are Ideal for Training Purposes

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Mar 6, 2015 12:26:06 PM

An indoor riding arena has probably been on every horse owner's wish list at some time (especially this winter!), but trainers might benefit from them most of all, for four reasons:  

  • An indoor arena provides a "controlled environment" for lessons;
  • An indoor arena completely eliminates outside distractions;
  • An indoor arena provides superior footing, thereby decreasing the risk of horse and rider injuries;
  • Indoor arenas modification allows pupils to gain more even benefit from their lessons.

When dealing with horses, the benefits of a controlled environment cannot be overstated. Having an area where weather (whether rainy, cold or overly hot) will not interfere with riding is of immense benefit, especially for trainers, who may work with multiple pupils each day.

Eliminating outside distractions is also a major benefit. Horses are "run first, ask questions later" animals, and almost anything can potentially cause them to react unexpectedly. In an indoor arena, outside distractions are completely eliminated, preventing horses from being startled by dogs, fluttering plastic bags or anything else that might potentially spook them. 


Indoor arenas also provide superior footing, which helps to decrease the risk of riding injuries. With premium materials in place, horses are less likely to stumble or fall, thereby limiting injuries to themselves as well as their riders.

Finally, indoor arenas modifications allow even greater benefit from lessons. Just one way of achieving this is by installing mirrors. Students can thereby observe themselves and their horses, improving the particular riding skills they are working on.

Of course, indoor arenas offer other benefits, as well. Every horse owner and riding student could benefit from an indoor arena at least part of the time, but individuals who train horses and their riders may benefit the most of all.  

For more information about the many benefits of indoor arenas for yourself, your pupils and your horses, contact us.

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