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Featured College Equestrian Facility: UNH - Classic New England Setting

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Jun 20, 2014 12:00:00 PM

Located within an hour’s drive from Boston, the majestic White Mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, the University of New Hampshire offers a classic New England atmosphere for its students. The equestrian teams especially enjoy the scenic, panoramic mountain views as they ride the incredible cross-country course. The UNH equestrian facilities offer horse boarding, expert competition training and top-notch indoor and outdoor arenas.


Caption: Equine studies at UNH offer an outstanding academic program, offering degrees in Equine Science, Equine Industry Management and Therapeutic Riding.


UNH Equestrian Riding Arenas

UNH equestrian facilities include the W.C. Skoglund arena, which is an indoor arena measuring 160 feet by 90 feet. The Livestock Activity Center is another indoor arena that offers viewing bleachers, rest rooms, and a wash stall. Before events or other equestrian activity, the arena footing is raked and watered for the best traction and dust-free environment.

The equine program also has three standard-sized dressage arenas for competition and an outdoor arena with lighting installed. The arena measures 174 feet by 78 feet. Along with these arenas, there is a competition course for training beginners and preliminary riders that is recognized by the United States Eventing Association. 

Horse Barn Renovation Project

The Stall Tirrell Horse Barn was constructed in 1969 and is currently undergoing renovations, replacing the old walls and aluminum tracks with top equestrian standards. With high-quality galvanized steel construction, the new barn and 40 stalls will provide UNH students and horses with a safe and stable environment.

UNH Equine Program

Equine studies at UNH offer an outstanding academic program, along with the opportunity to join the champion dressage and eventing equestrian teams. The Bachelor of Science program offers degrees in Equine Science, Equine Industry Management and Therapeutic Riding.

Equine studies include:

  • hands-on horse care
  • equine sports medicine
  • horse trial management
  • stable management
  • horse reproductive management

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