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Add GGT to Your Traditional Sand Footing

Posted by East-West Arena Construction

May 16, 2014 1:45:00 PM

When building your arena, one of the most important decisions you can make is the type of footing that you install. The type of footing you install will determine the quality of your arena. It will also determine the level of comfort that your horses and riders experience when they use your arena. Today, you are able to choose between traditional sand footing, or you use can traditional sand footing with a GGT additive. 


Adding non-toxic and non-allergenic GGT to your sand can reduce dust in the arena.


Traditional Sand Footing

Traditional sand footing can be a great inexpensive choice for your arena. It can provide the drainage your arena needs. It will also allow some level of cushion for both horses and riders. Most traditional sand footing is made of local high quality sand. It can be a very cost effective way to maintain your arena. 

Upgrade Your Traditional Sand Footing

Traditional sand footing is a cost effective way to maintain your arena. Upgrading your footing with a GGT additive can be a great benefit for your arena. GGT improves the sand by adding in textiles and fibers. These textiles and fibers improve traditional sand footing and extend the life of your arena footing. Adding GGT to your sand can reduce dust in your arena. In addition, it is non toxic and non allergenic. GGT can be added to your existing sand footing. 

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