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College Equestrian - Taking riding to another level

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Oct 10, 2014 12:55:30 PM

Many people may be somewhat familiar with the term 'Equestrian', but perhaps not so many people are aware that the sport is indeed one with historical lineage.

Most casual sports fans may be aware of (and perhaps, only aware of) Equestrian due to its presence in the Summer Olympic Games. Indeed, Equestrian in the Olympics has been around a very long time, having first been introduced as an Olympic event in 1900. All 3 Olympic disciplines currently seen today were introduced in the Olympic games by 1912.

Interest in Equestrian often begins at a very early age. The beauty and majesty of the horses (not to mention the great 'outfits'!) The great amount of time spent in practice and training- for the animals as well as the riders. The pageantry of the event. And the tremendous camaraderie enjoyed by everyone involved- horse owners, trainers, groomers, riders, and others.

Many riders, upon reaching age, elect to take their craft to another level. College Equestrian may just be that next level they wish to conquer.



Equestrian colleges, located throughout the United States, serve as a great learning tool and conduit for students aspiring to make a career in the Equestrian field. Majors include Dressage, Jumping, Farrier Training Programs, and Equestrian/Equine Studies.

Scholarships are available at many schools, in many different curriculums. For those interested in this line of education, the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) has a college search, which will match the student with their greatest interest of study. Students at one of the many schools pursuing one of these curriculums will be able to continue to compete in competitions while furthering themselves in the sport they love.

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