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Custom Arena Construction

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Jul 25, 2014 1:40:26 PM

When building a custom equestrian arena, there are several things you must bear in mind: the design for your arena, construction of the arena, and finally maintenance. Custom arena construction is a specialized project, requiring expert knowledge.

Designing a Custom Arena

As a long and costly project, arena construction is not something to be embarked on lightly.

What type of arena will this be? Dressage arenas allow for highly-competitive sporting events – and require special materials in order to ensure proper footing for the horses. Similarly, jumper arenas require a different layout and footing materials.

Where will the arena be? There may be drainage and other considerations particular to this property.

A professional team can help you to balance these considerations, while being realistic about your budget.


Caption: When building a custom dressage arena, the footing can be the most important decision for the health of the horse



Building a Custom Arena

Once the plans have been finalized, material will have to be carted to the site, most importantly the footing for the horses. This will require heavy-duty equipment, both for transportation and for setting up the arena. Workers must level the area, provide drainage, and coat the top soil. The arena must be enclosed aesthetically and practically.

Maintaining a Custom Arena

Here, naturally, is where proper planning makes all the difference. A well-designed arena can remain functional for years with minimal maintenance required. Poor planning, most notably poor drainage and/or improperly installed footing materials, may require more substantial work. In the worst case scenario, this could cost as much as or exceed the cost of doing it right the first time. No one wants to find themselves in such a position, especially if (let's say) you have a major show or training event coming up that week, right after the first major rainfall.

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