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Dressage Arena Size: Construction Considerations

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Jun 13, 2014 11:40:39 AM

The size of a dressage arena is laid out in the rules- a standard ring is 20 by 60 meters. Of course this measurement doesn't include the "track" around the outside of the riding area, nor does it include space for the judge to sit, so the actual size of a standard dressage arena is probably closer to 22 by 65 meters. 

In actual practice, very few "standard dressage arenas" are constructed because they are too small for practically any other use. Arenas used for group riding lessons, jumping, warm-up, or general riding practice all need to be much larger than a standard dressage arena. If a large arena needs to be used for formal dressage, it is easy enough to measure off the appropriate area and mark it with cones. A single large ring can easily be turned into two or three temporary standard dressage arenas. Economically speaking, it is much cheaper to construct one large arena than several small ones, particularly if the arenas are going to be housed indoors. 


A single large ring can easily be turned into two or three temporary standard dressage arenas.


Some of the larger equestrian facilities that focus on dressage and/or eventing do construct permanent standard dressage arenas for competitions and practice, in addition to constructing larger rings for warm-up and other purposes. A standard, commonly seen layout is two or more standard dressage arenas without fencing separated by at least 10 meters of non-riding surface, each with a "track" around the outside and judge's booths at the ends. Usually a much larger, fenced warm-up ring is located nearby. 

In addition to anticipated uses of the riding facility, the geography of the area and the budget will profoundly influence the final construction plans. Each prospective riding facility has to be individually designed

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