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Horse Transportation

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May 7, 2015 2:45:17 PM

If you are a horse enthusiast traveling with your horses can be a common occurrence. Horse transportation isn't a simple thing, there are many things to conside. You could be ferrying your horse to a horse show or to a competition, or you can simply be taking the horse to the vet or farrier. If you want to carry your horse within reasonably short distances, a large bumper (ie., tagalong or pull) trailer or a gooseneck trailer are what most people recommend.

Which Trailer?

The bumper trailer attached to your pickup truck or SUV is less expensive, smaller and less complicated to hook up than a gooseneck trailer. The bumper trailer is also less likely to exceed government weight restrictions for non-commercial vehicles (which would require a special license).

The larger gooseneck trailer may be required for more than one or two horses. The gooseneck trailer is heavier and more stable than a bumper trailer, and is usually the choice of veteran horse movers. The larger trailer has room for more structures mounted onto the bed.


Image from Pegasus Finance

Using the Trailer.

  • Make sure the trailer is safe and correctly hitched.
  • Have the horse's medical and legal documents and be prepared for emergencies.
  • Remember that horses are fundamentally claustrophobic so you have to work at making the trailer inviting using bedding and open doors and windows.
  • Prepare your horse for the ride using a breakaway style halter, protective head bumper, leg wraps with shipping boots.
  • You may want to use fly spray on hot days and you may want to blanket the horse.
  • Open windows but keep screens down so the horse's head stays in the trailer.
  • Lead the horse onto the trailer very calmly. Use the driver's side for a horse travelling alone.
  • Secure the horse carefully. Latch all doors making sure the doors are secure.
  • Never tie a horse in a trailer. It can make the impact of an accident worse if the trailer should overturn.
  • Drive slowly, keeping below the speed limit. 

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