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Save Money On Horse Bedding By Installing GGT Stall-EZ

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Feb 18, 2015 11:23:57 AM

Do you find that your rubber horse stall mats become wet, slick, goopy, or just plain gross? This is not uncommon, mostly due to the fact that traditional rubber matting material in horse stalls do not allow for the drainage of moisture and urine. This can lead to a layer of moisture and decay just below the bedding, which is bad for balance and bad for your horse's hooves. So what can you do about it? You can install GGT Stall-EZ of course!

If you hadn't guessed, GGT Stall-EZ is made by the same company that produces GGT Footing!

Stall-EZ is a non-woven permeable polypropylene stall liner which allows urine and other moisture to pass through it and into the drainage layer or soil below. This results in improved comfort and safety for both you and your horse. Additionally, you will save on all the moisture logged bedding you would normally toss out. Stall-EZ allows for instant drainage of urine and water, thus avoiding messing the other clean bedding.

Additionally, Stall-EZ is:


  • Lightweight

For an average 12’ x12’ stall, a total of six rubber mats would be needed to cover the floor. Each of these mats will weigh in at an astonishing 90lbs! That's 540lbs of force from the mats alone. All this weight will eventually cause sags and dips in the ground, needing maintenance. However, a one piece mat of Stall-EZ large enough to cover the same amount of ground space in a horse stall only weighs 40lbs!

  • Versatile

When swapping out stalls, Stall-EZ easily moves from one place to another. This is because the lightweight single piece design allows you to simply roll it up and go!

  • Safe

Because Stall-EZ resists the pooling of moisture and urine, it will never become slick or slippery. The one piece design also eliminates the risk of trips cause by your horse catching their hoof under an edge. Additionally, it will resist ammonia buildup as well as the buildup and decay of solid waste materials. Plus, it can be used with very little bedding during foaling which reduces the risk of the young foal breathing in particles or dust. 

Installing Stall-EZ would be a wise investment for yourself, your horse, and your wallet. If you would like to know more about our revolutionary matting, bedding, or footing materials, we welcome you to visit our website. Additionally, you can contact us for more information.

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