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The Importance of using laser grading in Equestrian Arena Construction

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Apr 22, 2014 12:00:00 PM

Grading is a term used in earthwork construction that means the task of establishing a level base or one with a specified slope. Grading is completed to establish a level base for a building foundation, base course for a road, rail or runway or landscape and garden improvements. The grading process includes using excavators and bulldozers to roughly prepare the area and then a grader to complete the finish grade.

Laser Grading Arena Construction

Construction equipment has taken full advantage of laser technology and graders are equipped with such technology to better control finish grading tasks. Laser grading is the ability to set a grade on soil using a beam of light. The resulting grade is very precise leading to optimum results for the grading goal. Laser grading operations are beneficial for the initial construction and maintenance operations when precise grading is critical.

The components of a laser grading unit include the laser controls, the grading box, the hydraulic valve and the laser receiver. The laser grading unit is attached to a controlled piece of earth moving equipment and the laser beam, set at a specific grade or slope, is sent to the control panel and directs the hydraulic valve to move the grade box up or down.

Building an equestrian arena is a major expense for a horse business and utilizing laser grading for the construction will assure the owner the field design and construction specifications have been met. Such grading will provide a precise riding surface for the health and comfort of a horse. Each layer of the design, from the sub-base to finish grade will be completed to exact design grades.

One of the most particular components in the design and construction of the arena is the consistencies of the slope necessary to make sure the site drains well. A site that does not drain sufficiently due to inefficient construction will cause water to collect in low points. Standing water will compromise the integrity of the surface and create soft in the surface and eventual failure of the surface. Soft spots will place undue stress on horses’ tendons and leg muscles and cause unsafe footing for horses that could result in injury to the horse and the rider. Laser grading the site will eliminate low and high points and alleviate any grading miscues and allow the contractor to meet the grade and slope as designed.

Laser grading the arena during maintenance operations will assure the owner the optimum grades are upheld and the surface and arena will work as designed. Regular maintenance will minimize wear and tear on the surface and help maintain the integrity of the surface.

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