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Therapeutic Riding Programs find Using Quality Horse Arena Footing Helps Cut Costs

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Sep 26, 2014 12:00:00 PM

Therapeutic Riding Centers exist because of the horse. Not just any horse, but the retired horse still willing to give to their new type of riders with special needs. These horses come already in their late 20's with leg and foot injuries or disease but have a lot of fight left. We should kiss the ground they walk on some programs actually do-by using high quality footing material in their arenas.

The Directors of these programs have discovered that the ground their horses and volunteers walk on everyday can either make or break a program's budget, a horse's spirit or a volunteer's interest in coming back.


Premium GGT Footing will help keep horses and riders safe and comfortable


With a load of donated sand, and a weekend of volunteers, you may have a nice looking riding area. But the arena's construction and its riding surface can be costing you money and time. Take a look at these areas in your budget and compare how adding adequate horse arena footing can cut costs.

  • Supplements-reduce foot and joint pain by providing cushion to painful bones, ligaments and tendons.
  • Farrier Costs-reduce hoof injuries by eliminating abrasive materials, hard surfaces or unstable ground.
  • Vet Costs-reduce leg injuries and respiratory conditions with properly draining and compacting materials that also contribute less dust particles.
  • Insurance Claims-reduce volunteer's knee and ankle injuries with stable base and footing along with reducing respiratory allergies with materials that produce less dust.
  • Time-reduce unnecessary volunteer time caring for ailing horses. Also, reduce absenteeism of horses and volunteers at class time.

Whether you are a small 2-horse program or one of the largest with 19-30 horses, the base and footing used in your arena can make a difference in your budget and how volunteers spend their time.

Learn what you can do to improve your budget and the lives of your horses and volunteers. Contact us at East-West Arena Construction. We can evaluate, design or refurbish your existing arena, and help choose the right horse arena footing for your Therapeutic Riding Program.


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