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What Aspects Make for a Good Dressage Arena Footing?

Posted by East-West Arena Construction

Jul 9, 2014 12:00:00 PM

 There are many reasons to worry about the footings in an arena. Durability, drainage, safety and appearance are just a few important reasons for investing in the proper footings for an arena. With all of the different types of footings on the market today, it is important to determine exactly which type of footing is appropriate for each individual use.

Along with quality materials, an experienced and knowledgeable company to install the footings properly is imperative and can be instrumental in helping you make this decision. So moving on to specifics, what aspects make for a good dressage arena footing?


Caption: A solid yet stable surface for footing material to lay on helps prevent unnecessary movement and erosion of you footing material.


    First, a good dressage arena footing starts with a good foundation. This aspect of a quality arena is often nixed by the customer in an attempt to save money. This, however, is not a good corner to cut. You want a solid yet stable surface for your footing material to lay on. This helps prevent unnecessary movement and erosion of you footing material. This layer also assists in proper drainage and preventing the natural soil and rocks from mixing in with the footing materials, thus compromising the appearance and effectiveness of your new footings.

    After this, you have to choose the actual footing material. For dressage arenas a firm support is typically preferred. Here are some additional suggestions for aspects that make up a proper dressage footing:

    - Little to no dust

    - Ability to hold or transfer water efficiently

    - Stable and not easily disturbed

    - Avoids packing

    - Durable and weather resistant

    - Gives to pressure in order to help prevent injury

Having quality arena footings can make a decent riding experience extraordinary. For more information about products and techniques that can be used to create your dream dressage arena, contact us. East-West Arena Construction is a family run business with years of experience creating quality customized arenas. 

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